An Economic Collapse in November 2017? Obvs

There are two things that people need to survive. Food and water. You can go a couple of weeks without eating before you start going a little crazy. Most people in America can survive without food for up to three hours before their blood sugar drops. This is horrible that Americans can barely survive without food.

If you want to survive the economic collapse coming in 2017, first, you’ll need to start training your body a little bit by not eating so much. Every person who is a survivalist expert will tell you this one truth: the best way to plan for hardship is to learn to eat less. In animals terms this is called rationing.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking there is no way that you can eat less because cupcakes. I understand. I cupcakes too.

You have really two options here. The first option is that you can gain a massive amount of weight – over 400lbs so that you have plenty of fat reserves for when the poo hits the fan. Most medical doctors understand that fat is stored and fat. This is how bears survive in the winter. They store fat by having one massive meal before they sleep for six months.

One massive meal doesn’t work for humans because if you eat too much you’ll throw up and or poop.

Humans have to gain weight gradually over time. Unfortunately for you, the economy crashes in November 2017 so you have approximately ten months to gain weight. If you are already three hundred pounds you are more than halfway there. If you are less, say 150 pounds you have a lot of work ahead. However, you don’t want to gain weight in an unhealthy fashion that makes you out of shape.

This means that you should not be eating fast food and other junk food items. The only exception is cheese puffs because of how they taste. You want to gain weight on meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other healthy whole foods. It can be done but you will need lots of protein.

The goal is to gain about 250lbs of muscles and 70-80 pounds of fat. That seems pretty balanced. I’m not a doctor so please speak with a physician about this first. If your feet swell in shoes more than once in a two week period, don’t eat so much hot sauce.

The second option to gaining weight is to simply eat less, which is the option you should have chose. Because you must prepare for the collapse this minute, learning to eat less is much easier to do and will take much less time. Eating less is called calorie restriction.

When you eat less your stomach shrinks and you require less. The less you eat the less you’ll want to eat. But you have to stay consistent. Good luck


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