How to Breed Moths: The Complete Guide

Some people breed dogs. Some people breed cats. Some people breed people, which is also called parenting.

If you would like to breed moths, you’ll need to get used to walking around in tattered clothes. Your jeans will probably look like this:


Almost 98% of people who wear tattered jeans with holes like the young lady above breed moths.

If you want to breed moths you’ll first need to change your name to Frodo. Bonus points if you change your last name to Baggins. Double bonus points if you can manage to get a cousin to change his name to Bilbo.

You cannot fill a room one moth at a time. You need multiple moths.

Moths love sugary drinks. I don’t recommend Coca Cola because it has a dangerous substance called Coke in it.

Use Kool-Aide since 1927.

You’ll need a black light. You can find it in the club.

Next you’ll need lots of clothes.

Most adult moths and babies like wool. Think winter coats. JCrew Usually has a few on sale.

If you breed enough moths, you can sell them for food, or eat them yourself.

Moths are totally the next superfood.


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