Restaurants to Avoid

If you eat out a lot then you should probably stop. It’s better to eat in because you know what’s going into your food. You know that whoever made your food doesn’t have the flu. You also know that your food didn’t drop on the floor before it was put on your plate.

Below are restaurants you should avoid.

Chilli’s – Ew.

McDonalds – The fries at McDonalds don’t decompose. They sit in your stomach for six months. Caution!

Burger King – unless you like diarrhea.

Krispy Kreme – crack… not the butt kind either, the drug kind.

Starbucks – Gross.

Arby’s – Why?

Olive Garden – a quick way to get fat fast.

Dominoes – if it’s a European location it’s OK.

Wendy’s – Sometimes the bread has mold.

Basically don’t eat almost anywhere that has fast food. Fast food = bad food. Unless it’s Chickfila. Chickfila feels different so it’s OK.




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