How to Survive the Economic Collapse that May be Coming

Hey everybody! The good news is that we dodged war with Russia. The bad news is Herbert Hoover isn’t a vacuum. He was a president who only needed eight months to plunge America into a great depression. Eight months people. That’s how long it takes to have a baby.  But, of course, after you have been trying for eight months to have a baby it takes nine to ten months for the pregnancy to finish.

Donald Trump and Herbert Hoover have a lot in common. Smoot-Hawley anyone? Learn your history. This is the same guy.

When the economy collapses getting groceries are going to be harder than ever.

If you have a space to grow a garden grow it now! I once saw a guy on Mars grow potatoes in a green house. Growing potatoes in a green house should be easier to do on earth.

If you don’t have a diesel car or a bike now is the the time to get one. I’m not sure if electric cars will work during an EMP.

Don’t fight people in bread lines. Hungry people get mean. It’s best to keep your arms folded.

If you happen upon a beavers dam, I assure you that there’s no food there.

Most berries on trees or poisonous. Survival shows like Bear Grylls can teach you. Start watching those shows now.



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