The Great Thing About Being American

The election is over. A lot of people are very happy that the Trump train ran over Hilary. A lot of people are very sad that Hilary got run over. Whether your are crying or smiling today I want to say first and foremost: If you are American, we here at Box of Mirth love you because we are American too! The great thing about Americans is this:

Americans are the most resilient, awesome, funniest, generous, craziest, and bestest people in the world.

Americans come in all colors. We are like Skittles. If some of those Skittles are poisonous the rest of the Skittles balance out the poison so we don’t die.

Americans are proud. Americans are proud of their country and suburbs. We are proud of our cities like NYC and Los Angeles. We are proud that we have a Disney World.

Americans are smart and strong. We only do stupid things on YouTube to get likes. We aren’t really that dumb. Most of us are pretty damn smart.

If you are an American today please hold hands with another American. Let’s all unite. Americans unite.




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