How to Supplement Your Income with Gas (the easy way)

Everyone knows that it’s a matter of time before gas prices go up or drop again. If you’re anything like the amazing crew at Box then you spend money every month to keep your Hummer going.


You can supplement your income with gas by buying a smaller car. You should never store gas in a container as it could explode at any moment. If you are Batman the Joker might set you up.

Also, there are several places you should never pass gas:

  1. In an elevator (obvs)
  2. On a airplane (obvs)
  3. In a box that is Amazon Prime that someone will open within the hour
  4. In a room without ventilation that is used to store people who are traveling on the Underground Railroad
  5. Directly into the toilet (this causes water bubbles to form and they may drift towards your butt and pop)

Saving gas is a no brainer if you want to make money.



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