How to Eat with Your Feet (An easy User GuidE)



First things first. If you want to eat with you feet you should be werewolf.  or a monkey. If you’re a human eating with your feet because you enjoy the novelty, welcome to Miami.

Here are some tips for eating with your feet.

First, trim your toenails, like the ones above. If you trim your pinkie toe, that little piggy will go wee wee wee all the way home. Never eat pork off your foot as it could cause hand, foot, and mouth disease. Also, just don’t eat pork.

Most meals are OK to eat with feet except for mashed potatoes. Just shove your whole face in the potato, but don’t inhale.

If you have athletes feet it means you can run really fast. You might be able to beat Saddam Ussein Bolt.  Below is a picture of Bolt and his cousin Barack Hussein Obama.





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