Cooking for Trey – Pizza Parts


Who doesn’t love a good pizza? No one, especially if the pizza is actually a round pan of brownies. Yum. The recipe for the pizza parts above is below.

  1. Lots of imitation cheese (an entire block of Velveeta should do)
  2. Two onions and maple syrup
  3. A lotta love
  4. A Tupac Shakur song playing in the background.

First, heat the oven and mix the parts mentioned above. Put some into your mouth after stirring and then regurgitate the parts back into the pan. Next, stand over your sink to vomit.

Bake for 10 minutes at 900 degrees. You might need one of these kinds of ovens that you can clearly see below:


After everything is charred, be thankful that you’re still here. Everything will be OK.


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