Should Dads Get Paid Paternal Leave?


Did you know that male seahorses carry their babies around in a pouch? The male seahorse takes care of his kids. He pays his child support. If only more human men were seahorses then we wouldn’t have such a catastrophe on our hands!

Now, let’s talk about paternity leave.

How many countries give paternal leave to dads? If you were a dad would you want paternity leave? Would you be willing to pay for that? I read about a woman whose husband left her and their baby in the room while he lived  somewhere else. He said the baby was too loud.

The point is that if men were less like humans and more like seahorses, paternity leave wouldn’t even be a question. Every father would wear a sling. Dads would actually get something decent on Father’s Day instead of a mug or an old tie from their own closets.

Sorry Dad. I’m so sorry.






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