How to Retrieve Your Socks From a Black Hole


Sometimes socks get lost and people have no idea where they went. Like the time my dog ran off and a neighbor three blocks down found him sleeping in her garden.  These things happen and then you wonder, “Will I ever get my dog sock back?”

Socks do not fall behind the dresser drawer, instead after you’ve put them in the washing machine, they became translucent mini-portals that can create their own second dimensions and get loss in space.

Most socks love going into a black hole never to be seen again. The especially stubborn ones will scoff at all attempts to connect them with their twin so that they can stick together. Socks are nothing like people – they hate their twins!!! People who are twins, almost always like each other, especially if they are identical, not so much if they are fraternal. But some people are as fertile as sharks.

There is only one trick to retrieving your socks from a black hole and that is to give your sock an entire family of twins, otherwise known as decuplets (ten identical socks, at once). If you have three pairs of decuplets your socks won’t feel lonely or pressured. They will stick around and not go into that black hole.



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