How to Get Rid of that Stray Hair that Keeps Growing in that Odd Spot in the Middle of Your Foot

This is too deep
This is too deep

Has that hair always been there? Or did it occur when you got older? I think the second one. If you have a stray hair growing in a peculiar spot then you’ve probably tried a few things to try and remove it.

Have you tried to pluck it out with a pair of tweezers?

Did you use a razor?

Did you use a toxic hair removal concoction or a device like no-no?

Sometimes people have strange hairs growing in weird places and they wonder if they are secretly aliens. The answer to that question is “No, you are not an alien, and an alien is not you. You are yourself, which is a human-alien hybrid.”

If you are wondering if you should do something about that odd hair then the answer is simple, don’t. It’ll just grow back anyway.



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