3 Reasons to Avoid Dark Alley Ways


Would you ever considering living an apartment complex with the name “Alley” in it? I would, but I wouldn’t go in an alley that wasn’t an apartment. If I were you and one of the billions of people out there, I would avoid dark alleys. Why?

  1. Dark alleys are dark and possibly dangerous. You don’t know who is in there. There could be Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles? They might be accompanied by that giant rat who gives them advice.
  2. Alleys have trash in them, and trash is full of germs. Germs can make you sick.
  3. If the alley is too dark, it might not be an alley at all… it could be a portal or gateway into a different dimension. The next thing you know, you’re on an episode of Dr. Who.

If you must go down the alley, do it in the car with your windows rolled up and your door locked. I once had a guy approach my car and open the door and a big guy scared him off. That was pretty creepy. We were probably only blocks from an alley. Ever since that time…



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