Why Didn’t America Feel the Burn?


Don’t even get me started.

Why didn’t America feel the burn? It is now increasingly and statistically improbable that Bernie Sanders will be the Democrat nominee. You can look here, here and here. In fact, NPR expects Hillary to announce that she has clinched the election after the California primary results on June 7th.

So what happened to his campaign? And why didn’t Americans feel the burn?

First, he started way too late. Back in January 2015 no one really knew about Bernie Sanders as a potential presidential candidate. He only really starting gaining traction as a candidate after he officially announced his candidacy in May, 5 months later. Had he declared his intentions earlier perhaps he could have mitigated this.

Second, people were confused where he fit into the race. Is he an Independent? Is he a Democrat? He only declared his affiliation with the Donkeys as part of his presidential campaign strategy in late 2015. Now Vermont is cool with this because, well, it’s Vermont. But the rest of the country needed to warm up a bit first before going full burn.

Third, Bernie has a very socialist agenda. When Bernie was attending the University of Chicago he joined the Young People’s Socialist League. After his victory in the House of Representatives in 1990, The Washington Post declared him as the first socialist elected to office in America. Is everyone ready for higher minimum wage, higher taxes, free healthcare benefits, and government covered retirement after 65? I am, but not everyone is…

Fourth, while Bernie has some interesting ideas for progress in America he also showed that perhaps his age and attitude toward the racial injustices may be slightly antiquated when he used the word ‘ghetto,’ which isn’t truly relatable to many young voters.

Now that it is increasingly likely to be a Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton election this year, I’m obviously #StillCamacho.




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