What to Do About that Crazy Crawler Thing Growing in Your Pants


Let’s say that you’re walking down the street, minding your own business, with a vanilla latte in your hand when you feel something strange creeping up your leg. Or, let’s say that you’re walking around your house in your underwear when you feel a strange sensation on your thigh. And it isn’t your penis (this time).

If you are anything like me, then you wander why people wear clothes whenever they are home. There is no point unless you are expecting company at any moment, and even then you can just throw on some pants when you hear them knock or ring the doorbell. Some people don’t keep a jacket near their door, they keep a pair of pants or a bathrobe. I like it when people open the door in their bathrobe because it means that they are being honest about their lives. They are setting expectations.

Treat Yourself
Treat Yourself

What were you expecting? Someone fully dressed. If you need to call an ambulance and they discover you in your underwear. Will you be embarrassed? Why is the paramedic judging you?

That creepy crawler thing your pants was just a lose string from your clothing. It wasn’t a spider after all. You’re OK. You’re going to be okay now.




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