How to Make the Perfect Ponytail

The perfect pony
The perfect pony

To make the perfect ponytail, first, you will need three hands. Most of us, however, are only born with two hands, so unless you are born with three hands it is unlikely that you’ll be able to make a decent ponytail. Some people don’t have hands and they have far more dexterity than people with hands. These people are better than you. You should improve yourself and make more use of your hands.

Hands can do all sorts of things besides make ponytails. Hands can rub kittens, type words, and fit in gloves. Also, you mostly need fingers to type words, and you really only need one. Many people type with one finger: people who type with one finger are called “old.”

If you haven’t made that ponytail yet then now is the time to wear your hair down. If your hair doesn’t look very well, and needs some rest, then you should cover your hair with a baseball cap. If you haven’t purchased a baseball cap it’s fairly easy to do so over the internet. To purchase things you usually only need one hand.

Let him help you
Let him help you




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