Our Society has No Manners. People Aren’t Polite. Civility!

I have never seen someone scratch their butt in public. Have you ever seen someone scratch their butt in public? I imagine it’s a horrible thing to witness. When I was a young child, people went into dark corners, even alleyways and hid behind mounds of garbage cans to scratch their butts. Not so anymore. In public anything goes because society is so impolite.

And then you have to wonder why a person’s butt might be itching anyway. Is it a normal place for an itch? Why is it that people can openly scratch their arms, heads, backs, or any other part of their body, but not their butt? It just seems like society is quite prudish here and more concerned with manners than comfort.

Are we too concerned as a society with manners? Are we not concerned enough? When was the last time you heard someone say “thank you” and hold the door open? Do you hold the door open for people, look them in the eye and smile and call them sir? Does anyone dare utter the phrase “Good day sir!” anymore?

I would like to see more civility. The lack of civility is turning people into animals, and the animals are not impressed. Because sometimes people behave worse than animals. They are like angry cats, having cat fights and honking their horns at the person in front of them instead of exercising patience. Many people have dogs that are more polite than they are. This shouldn’t be!

If you want to live in a more polite world then you must start at home. You must decide that you will wear a hat and a monocle. And you will tilt your hat slightly whenever you pass a woman and say “Good day, madam!” She may look at you as if you are crazy, but that’s only because she doesn’t have any manners. She, like the rest of the society, is badly behaved. But someone will understand. Someone will know that we shouldn’t scratch our butts in public, or pick noses or eat food in the library. Some people understand that you should talk on the cell phone in the privacy of your home or car, not while standing in the grocery store line.

Civility people!




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