Reasons Why I’m Single


This article is written by David O.

You thought I was a girl, didn’t you? Nope, I’m a guy, and I’m single and I’m not worried about women hurting me because I’m stronger than them so I can push them. I try to help girls because I think that they are cute. I saw a baby with yellow earrings, and I want my mommy to have a baby.


If you can have two girlfriends, you shouldn’t tell the other girlfriend about the girl. She might get mad. I don’t have girlfriends but I wish I did. I hold hands with girls, but I hold hands with boys too. But I don’t want a boyfriend, I want a girlfriend, even though I think that shopkins are cute.

One of the reasons I’m single is because I play too many games. I like to play games and some girls don’t like that. I’m also not that great at wiping my mouth. I don’t mind if I have a milk mustache. This is my life and the way that God designed me. If a girl can’t cook then she shouldn’t have a boyfriend. She should learn how to cook.




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