Why the Jurassic Period Was Only Yesterday

Dinosaurs are misunderstood
Dinosaurs are misunderstood

And many people don’t understand that the Jurassic Period wasn’t really that long ago… it was practically yesterday that T-Rexes roamed the earth and may or may not have occasionally eaten someone.

There is a reason that people lived underground and in mountains and rocks for thousands of years… it was to avoid dinosaurs— duh! Archeologists are still unearthing underground cities today. Massive cities that people used to escape the clutches and bad breath of dinosaurs are under our feet sometimes.

Did you know that a dinosaur was spotted with chicken meat in his mouth, somewhere. I think I heard that once. Also, most fossils are completely outdated because of the carbon dating inaccuracy.  If you look closely into the eyes of a T-Rex, you might see one of two things: a friendly fella, or a monstrous agent.

Based on the evidence, it’s clear that global warming is a hoax caused by inaccuracies in the fossil record.


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