5 Questions Every Person Should Ask their Doctor (with answers)


Question 1: Should my poop take longer than 15 minutes?

Answer: No. Use a laxative if your hearth doesn’t properly digest the food within 15 minutes. Sometimes the other poop will come, but only when you pee first.

Question 2: Should I audition for American Idol?

Answer. No. They canceled that show.

Question 3: Do you think I looked better with shorter hair?

Answer. Yes. Go back to the salon and ask them to replace your dorsal fin with a purple one.

Question 4: How can I be the person my dog thinks I am?

Answer: Have one cup of dumpster juice in the morning.

Question 5: Can you rub my back for me?

Answer: Only if your PPO will cover the charge. You may feel a slight sawing.


*Disclaimer: All Box of Mirth health questions are answered by Dr. Zee


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