How to Measure Your Emotional Growth (in inches)


It is possible to grow upwards and not grow inwards. But your inward parts matter more than your outer parts, because your outer parts shed everyday. That is why your house is so dusty. But your inward parts can get dry if you don’t water them with love. That’s how you grow emotionally, you water them like bushes of love.

It is possible to grow everyday (in inches) if you are diligent about being a good person.

First, stop worrying about that pimple on your nose. It won’t make it go away, unless you pop it. But then it will leave a scar… on your bush love.

Second, if you want to grow emotionally, you have to stop eating ice cream. It is full of sugar and sugar is a toxin. Where have you been living? Under a rock? Stop hating yourself. Put the ice cream down.

Finally, you need to hug the person closest to you. If no one is there, hug yourself. And the tighter you hug yourself the more you water the bushes of love. Are you ready for your bushes of love to fully flourish? Then you have to sing it out. Sing as loud as you can, that song in your head. Not a sad one, but a happy one.


Do you see that? You grew 2 inches reading this article.





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