How to Keep Your Closet Free of Werewolf Munchkins

Sometimes when I go into my closet it is dark in there and it makes me think of liquorice. You know what it doesn’t make me think of? Werewolf Munchkins. But they are in there, and they are waiting for us. Here is what he looks like:


How do I get the werewolf munchkins out of my closet? I hear one coming right now. His feet are big and his head is small; he must have a tiny head on him or something.

There are several things that we can do.

  1. We can befriend him. If you have a bottle of Jack and 3 E-cigs (because he has 3 arms), then you can offer these items to him and he’ll befriend you.
  2. We can direct him to another closet. I was thinking Donald Trump’s closet, though he might prefer Hillary’s. I think he’d feel at home in either one.
  3. We can kick him out with the kung-fu parrot below. The parrot’s number is +1 (757) 622-7382. Ask for Benjamin Button (the 1993 version).

parrot fight


I’ve got to go now. He’s listening…


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