How to Stop Your Howler Monkey from Harassing Your Dog


Your dog does more than just scratching his butt on your carpet. Your dog loves you, so show your dog love in return. Stop your howler monkey from harassing your dog.

Some dogs just don’t get it. Their IQ isn’t very high so they let the howler monkey beat them over the head and say nothing. Not a single bark.

You have to stand up for your dog.


First, stop feeding your howler monkey peanuts. He doesn’t want that. The reason he harasses your dog is because he wants higher quality food. He wants organic carrots – and not the ones from Trader Joes. He wants carrots from Whole Foods.

Make it happen.

Next, give your howler monkey a hug. Embrace him and tell him that you’re sorry you haven’t spent much time with him lately, but as soon as you finish the final season of Parenthood on Netflix, you’re all his.

And mean it.

Your howler monkey wouldn’t give your dog such a hard time if you paid him some attention. It’s your fault that your dog is in distress. But you can fix it. You can be a good person who treats his monkey and dog with kindness. Give yourself a hug.


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