How to Negotiate a Better Price on Girl Scout Cookies


Let’s preface this article by saying that girl scouts are awesome, and I used to be one. But this is a recession people! Many people don’t have money for thin mints, so Box of Mirth will teach you how to get a cheaper box of cookies.

First, if you want a lower price on cookies you’ll have to look the part. If you come to the door well-dressed, the children will think that you are a rich, old fart who spends his money on liquor and ice-cream. Which is probably true. Just pay for the damn cookies. Or, you could dress like this:


If you dress correctly, you’re already in the first position to negotiate a lower price on girl scout cookies.

The next step is to ask for a payment plan. Ask if you can put the cookies on a lay-away-plan or break the payment into weekly installments. If the girl scouts say no, then use a bartering system. Offer to let them have your dog in exchange for every thin mint on their persons.


If you draw eyebrows on your dog then the girl scouts will refuse to take him. This means that your plan is going well.

It will be difficult negotiating with a 10 year old. They are firm, strong, and incredibly shrewd. Some 10-year-olds are downright manipulative. Be careful becuase you’ll actually end up spending about 10% over asking price once all is said and done.

So, just pay for the cookies and stop spending so much money on liquor and ice-cream.


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