How to Stop that Creepy Doll from Stealing Your House shoes


Sometimes dolls come alive at night when people are sleeping. The most dangerous dolls are often named Chucky or have a name that ends with the letter Y. Please be careful of dolls with names that end with the letter Y, and never if you are sane, and wish to remain healthy purchase a doll that comes with a birth certificate. That’s just asking for it.

With that said, creepy dolls often do more than attempt to scare children, they also try to steal house shoes. They like to chew on shoes because it strengthens their doll teeth, as doll teeth are usually weak, and incisors are typically absent.


If you have a creepy doll in your house that you cannot throw away because of sentimental reasons, then you must take additional steps to secure your house shoes.

First, higher elevation makes it difficult for a doll to reach the shoes. Place your shoes on top of something tall and laborious to climb. The doll will struggle to find the strength and stamina to retrieve the shoe in the night while you’re asleep.

Consider medicating your doll before bedtime, so that they sleep as you sleep. If your doll has an opening in it’s mouth, then simply dissolve two sleeping pills in a tablespoon of milk. Creepy dolls are quite gullible and will generally accept a snack of sweetened milk.

If your doll’s mouth has no opening, then submerge the doll in a warm bath with the sleeping pills dissolved in the water. Make sure that you wear gloves so that the solution isn’t absorbed into your skin. You want the solution to absorb into the doll’s skin causing them to sleep when you sleep.



It’s not possible to hide house shoes from creepy dolls. Only the solutions listed above will suffice.


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